m20d16 build-up

m20d16 build-up

minus20degree | festival for art & architecture

Founded in 2012, the minus20degree - festival for art & architecture is a non-profit initiative that promotes art and architecture from around the world. The basic elements of m20d are snow and landscape. The intention is to design or stage diverse landscapes with simple interventions and make them accessible to the public. m20d interprets the existing winter landscape as a laboratory, with snow as the primary resource for all expressions of art and architecture. The 5th edition of the festival will be staged from the 23rd till the 25th of January 2020 in Flachau, Austria.


Heinz Riegler  (AT/AU)
Musician and artist working between Australia and Europe. He has performed
and exhibited in Australia, Europe, USA and Japan; recent recordings are released via the Room40 imprint.

Theo Deutinger  (AT/NL)
Architect, writer and designer of socio-cultural maps. His work has been published in various magazines
including Wired, Domus, and Mark Magazine.

Stefanos Filippas  (GR/NL)

Eliza Mante  (GR/NL)

Ana Rita Marques (PT)