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23-25 January 2020

Flachau, Austria



minus20degree is now accepting proposals for our 5th edition in January 2020 >> m20d20.

minus20degree2020 is looking for artists that can produce artworks in the field of sound art, video-art, performance, installation and land art. m20d wants to provide a platform for art that is radical, provocative and founded. m20d is independent, thus does not need to please or go easy on the audience.

The main material is the landscape and all it can offer combined with electronic media, performance and installations. As landscape elements m20d can provide, rivers, mountain tops, ski slopes and forests. Hopefully there is plenty of snow as material or backdrop for your artwork. The art works should be as ephemeral as the snow.

Application Deadline: 30 September 2019

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Founded in 2012, the minus20degree festival is a non-profit initiative that promotes art and architecture from around the world.

The basic elements of m20d are snow and landscape. The intention is to design or stage diverse landscapes with simple interventions and make them accessible to the public.

m20d interprets the existing winter landscape as a laboratory, with snow as the primary resource for all expressions of art and architecture.

The 5th edition of the biennale will be staged from the 23rd till the 25th of January 2020 in Flachau, Austria.

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